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About Us

Duane Noble is a craftsman in the truest sense of the word. His acoustic guitars, each handmade in his Richland workshop, have been sold to musicians around the world. Each instrument is made to order from exotic hardwoods and intricately inlayed with a myriad of materials from abalone to mother of pearl. His harp guitars are well known for their unique beauty and sound.

It was in 1997 that he first saw a harp guitar in Dusty Strings music shop in Seattle. At the time he was sending his sons to college and could not afford to purchase the instrument. Soon after he purchased a book titled Guitar Making, Tradition and Technology. With a passion for music and woodworking, he built his first guitar, a standard 6-string, in his garage in 1998. A second and third guitar followed. What had started as a hobby soon grew into something more. In 2004 Noble built a shop and moved his business out of his garage. Orders for his instruments gradually became so demanding on his time that by 2006 the business became a full time endeavor.